What Happens When Creativity Fails You?

February 17, 2012 — Leave a comment


We’ve all been there.  At the point where you really need good, smooth flow of creativity, your brain seizes…you try everything to get it back.  Coffee, freewriting (just like your English teacher taught you), scouring websites, Google searches and you still come up empty.  You become convinced you have simply run out of good ideas.

NEWS FLASH…Maybe you have.

The truth is, creativity is not always a one person job…and we try to make it that sometimes.

I have been meeting with a creative team, and it has blown my mind the kind of ideas that we can come up with just by bouncing back and forth one idea, concept, or phrase between each other.  As I progress in ministry and in life, it is another simple reminder that community and teamwork are the building blocks to true success.

Quit trying to do everything on your own.  Allow others to input their creativity and giftedness into your life, your planning, and your ministry or job situation, and see how it revolutionizes the way you work.

What have you learned from collaborating?  What tips do you have for starting collaboration?


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