Monday Morning Recap

February 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

Mondays for me can be one of two things:  Complete brain freeze, or extremely productive.  So, in light of trying to be productive, here is a recap of our services from yesterday, or a followup of the precap from earlier in the week.

The blended service kicked off with a blend of “Victory in Jesus” and “You are Holy/Prince of Peace”.  One thing in my planning I hadn’t accounted for was the key of our sheet music for “You are Holy” which was in E, so we had to make a clean break to go into the intro.  It just goes to show you that double checking keys is important.  The transition was smooth, however, so it worked out well.

We had the choir sing “Be Still and Know” and transitioned into “I stand Amazed in the Presence”, which was a neat time for me.  I love listening to the congregation when they are fully confident in singing a song, and this was one of those times.  Since we were talking about forgiveness, about halfway through the sermon, we used the song “7 x 70” by Chris August to emphasize the point.

In the contemporary services, we kicked off the service with “You are Holy” and set the sermon up with “Hosanna”…and I forgot to double check the words in the 2nd service, so the vocalists did a great job of saving me there (brain fart).  After the sermon, we did “I stand Amazed” into “Mighty to Save”, which really had a lot of momentum to end the service…I made a mental note to remember how well those two songs complement each other lyrically and musically.

How were your services yesterday?  What notes did you come away with?


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