Monday Morning Recap

March 5, 2012 — Leave a comment


Do you ever have those days that you just wonder if you are going to make it through?  Or wonder if everything is going domino out of control, leaving you waiting for the next shoe to drop?  Well, I was pretty sure that was going to happen yesterday…but it didn’t.

As much as I love technology and the way it works, I don’t love having print jobs stuck in between my computer and the printer like I did yesterday.  However, everything worked out, the music printed, and we continued our sermon series on Overcoming Sin by looking at reconciliation.

Our blended service started with “There is Power in the Blood” and continued into “The Power of Your love”, which was a nice way to start off the service by remembering that Christ sacrificed himself, and help set the tone for the service.  In the contemporary service, we started with “Our God is Love” and “O Praise Him”…in both, we continued our theme with “Overcome” and had a reading in the middle of the song of different struggles and sins that could be overcome through Christ.  It was a different way to sing the song, and hopefully was something to make people thoughtfully commit.

After the sermon, we responded by singing “I surrender All” and ending the service with “Healing is in Your Hands”…a song that reminds us of God’s power working in our lives.  One funny note yesterday was that we tried something different with announcements…we acted as if it was a phone call we were answering, and then proceeded to “talk” about the announcements we would be discussing.  One of our illustrious members proceeding to call my phone again while I was “pretending”, causing it to go off.  Thanks, Jim!

While we had our bumps and glitches, I am always reminded that it is not about us, but God as we lead our communities in worship…He can take our mistakes and make them turn into powerful moments…

How were your services?  Share below, or link to your blog in the comments section!


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