Pre-Cap for Overcoming Sin: Anger

March 7, 2012 — 6 Comments

Sometimes when we are looking at sermon series, or passages of scripture that will be used in our services, ideas flow like water.  There are songs that relate, or that will be great for crafting a cohesive service.  Then, there are the times when I look at the topic, and wonder what in the world is going to happen in this service?  This is one of those times, yet it seems every time it happens, the service is special…mostly because it isn’t about my planning, but God’s glory.

We are talking about anger this week in regards to overcoming sin…so, naturally, I just broke out all the songs about anger, like “My Anger Boils Over”, and “It’s Your Anger, Lord…”… … or not.  Instead of thematically following anger, I decided to look towards the greatness of God to overcome our passions that lead to sin.  So here is what that looks like at this point…

Blended Service 

“Leaning on the Everlasting Arms”

“How Great Thou Art” (Baloche)

“At Your Name” (Hughes)

“Come as You Are” (Farren)

Contemporary Service 

“Chainbreaker” (Hall)

“How Great Thou Art” (Baloche)

“At Your Name” (Hughes)

“Come as You Are” (Farren)

“Father Will You Come” (Unhindered)

In both services, I am transistioning the idea of recognition of God’s mercy and power to praising Him for the work he can do in our lives…Michael Farren’s song will be our invitation (“Come just as you are, with all your broken pieces, all your shameful scars…”) to give our weakness away to His strength.  However, I would love input from you for ideas in a sermon like this!

What do you have planned for this week?  Let’s share and collaborate!


6 responses to Pre-Cap for Overcoming Sin: Anger


    We’ve been in Galatians for a LONG time now. And while the sermons have been great, Christ-Centered, and all that, it’s hard to stay with a theme each week. Basically each week builds on the idea that salvation is in Christ alone + nothing else. There have been mini-themes of slavery/freedom and hope and some others. I decided to focus on Jesus and start preparing the congregation for Easter. This week is spring break, so I have no bass, drums, or 2nd guitar. Just my acoustic and piano. There are some songs that I’d like to do, but really prefer having at least drums behind me. Guess I should take out the drum machine from the cabinet and figure out how to use it. Here’s our set for this week.

    Raise up the Crown (Tomlin)
    Crown Him with many Crowns (Bridges, Elvry, Thring)

    Offering (Baloche) sung during the offering. (I know, what a concept!)
    Christ is Risen (Maher)

    Nothing But the Blood (Lowry) invitation

    Your Grace is Enough (Maher)

    Conor, I think you’re doing well to focus on the attributes of God that can help us in overcoming anger, etc… As the sermon is preached, I think the truth from the songs will reinforce people’s faith or give a different perspective to their “active listening.” Better that than to force a theme upon them with unfamiliar, unbiblical songs. I pray that above all else, God is glorified.


      Jason, I say stick with the acoustic and piano…one of my rules of thumb is that if a song can’t be done acoustically, there might be a weakness in it…and it is good to not always have a full band going!


        Yeah, no drums this week. BUT… I was just told that we’re adding the Lord’s Supper into the service this week. Any suggestions for a “communion hymn?” I want something that is familiar to the congregation, in this case probably a traditional hymn. Let me know if you have any ideas.


        In Remembrance is a well-known communion hymn, as well as Let us Break Bread Together…sorry it took a bit to get back to you!


        Conor is right…if songs can’t make it without a full load of musicians then the song may be lacking. This past Sunday we did our usual without our drummer…and as much as I missed having drums, we had a fantastic time of worship! In a way, the people sang out more heartily (or we were able to hear them better. LOL!)

        Set List:
        Our God (Tomlin)
        God is Able (Hillsong)
        In This Place (an original I wrote a few years back)
        Blessed be the Name (Andy Park)

        Here’s the funny thing…”God is Able” was actually a fantastic song acoustically and we experienced some wonderful worship moments during that song. Great lyrics + the Presence of God = anointed worship that ministered to the people and the worship team.


    Thanks for sharing, Vicki…that is so true. We get hung up some times in instrumentation, when we just need to follow the Spirit’s leading and allow God to work…

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