The Issue Causing All The Other Issues

March 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

As I sat and typed this blog (which takes a while one-handed) because my shoulder has made my sleep methods go on strike, I’ve had some time to reflect, read, and see literally hundreds of posts throughout the week on Facebook, Twitter, and numerous blogs on both sides of the marriage equality issue.  Most have been recommended by good friends, colleagues, college classmates, theologians, and other random people that pass through my day.  They have varied greatly, been written passionately and fervently for each side, and I have no doubt that each writer believed strongly in their “side” of the cause.

I’m not going to do that in this post.  If this disappoints you, I apologize…because as I read everything surrounding not just the Supreme Court issues, but reflecting on the Holy Week that we have entered, a few truths were brought to my mind.  As we continue through this week to the celebration of Easter, I hope they challenge, convict, and change you as well.

1.  The biggest issue I will ever deal with is my own brokenness, and because of that, my immense need for a Savior.

There is not a bigger hypocrite in the world than me.  I mean, if you are liberal, I have probably thought horrible things about you.  Forgive me.  If you are conservative, I have probably called you fundamentalist.  Forgive me.  If you aren’t either and are in the middle, I have probably seen you as wishy-washy.  Forgive me.  You see, I have a battle inside of me I can’t win: an ugly pride that won’t go away unless I lay it down for someone much bigger than me to pick up.  Holy week reminds me despite that brokenness, I have a Savior who has reconciled that sin, and though I am a mess, I am forgiven.

2. Until I deal with my own pride, everyone else will always be wrong.

Pride is such a funny thing.  It tells us we’re right, even when we aren’t.  So we have to humble ourselves, and listen when that “still, small voice” taps us on the shoulder and reminds us we aren’t walking His path, but ours.  As we engage with each other in important issues that we feel strongly about, we also must remember to keep perspective of where our pride feeds into our beliefs.

3.  Jesus Christ’s Death and Resurrection is my most important issue to remember.

I’m not being cliche.  The truth is, without Jesus dying on a cross, being buried, and rising on the third day, I have nothing to celebrate, other than temporal fancies, liberties, and pursuits that ends when my flesh does.  With Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection, I have the eternal hope of salvation, redemption, and sanctification to believe, change, and shape who I am.

So wherever you have landed in the debates of the numerous issues that are around us, may our eyes continue to be fixed on the One who is of upmost importance as we engage these issues.  May our words with each other, whether in agreement or disagreement, be of edification to the Body, and may we challenge each other to reflect God’s leading and not our own.

What has this week taught you?


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