Countdown to Africa: 7 Days, and Why We Are Going

June 24, 2013 — Leave a comment

CupsOfHopePosterFinal1In one week, a group of 12 people from our church and association will embark on a journey to the Mai Aini refugee camp in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, Africa.  Here is a link that gives about as much information about the camp that is available, and most of it dates to 2010.  One of the members of our association, Jim Tompkins, as well as Rodney Hammer, who will be with us this time, went and visited the camp last year, and documented some of the time in this video.

Why are we going?  There is a great need.  We will be working with the section of the refugee camp that houses the unaccompanied minors, who are present without parents.  How many unaccompanied minors fluctuates between 1200 and 1400+ at any one time.  Some will “age out” and try to make a run to another country through dangerous territory for work.  Others will try to make a living in camp, or try to connect with others in a different area.  Whatever the case, they are in need of education, resources, basic necessities, and nurturing relationships.  Because of this, our association has worked to develop a partnership with the camp authorities in hopes of being able to provide these needs over time.  We are simply acting as conduit to that purpose.

In the days ahead, I will highlight specific things that can be prayed for, researched, and thought about as we head to Africa.  I hope you join us on this journey!

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