Countdown to Africa: 4 Days, and What You Can Pray For

June 27, 2013 — Leave a comment

CupsOfHopePosterFinal1Today’s post will be short, but probably as important as any of the posts I share.  As we leave, there are many needs that have been met financially, through donations, word of mouth, and zillions of other ways.  But as we journey, travel, and minister, your prayers will be priceless to us as we go to Mai Aini.  Here are a few ways you can pray for us:

1.  Travel

We are traveling in a country where we need to have the correct identifications, visas, permissions, and all can be slightly complicated at times.  Also, making sure all arrangements are still good, contacts are there to assist, and the normal flexibilities of travel abroad are okay will be a part of what we deal with on a daily basis.  Pray for grace as we travel and flexibility as we encounter “detours”.

2. Flexibility

This has been our mantra.  We have plans, we really do.  Whether any of those plans will play out the way we think they will…that is a whole different equation.  In spite of that, we know great things will happen in Ethiopia, and our ability to “go with the flow” will only increase success.

3. Durability

Ethiopia is a different environment, with different living conditions and climate. The places we stay will challenge us a bit, yet remind us of the culture we are engaging.  Strength, endurance, and joy in this will be important.

4. Wisdom

We know God is guiding this journey.  Above all, His answers trump ours, and His work is our desire.  As we use practical resources to bless these people, it is our prayer His wisdom will guide our mouths, our feet, and our lives.  Partner with us to pray for that!

Have you ever been overseas on travel?  Where to, and what challenges did you encounter that changed you as a person?


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