Africa: A Day in Addis

July 3, 2013 — 1 Comment

I just got to FaceTime with Conor. It still baffles me that with the push of a button in seconds I can be talking face to face with my husband continents apart.  Thank you, Apple!

The team was eating a very early breakfast (it was 5 am there) of eggs, toast, mango and “really good tea”.  They are still tired but ready to get moving today on another flight and then bus ride to get to the camp.

During their time in Addis today they visited an orphanage for girls that was started by a group in Missouri and has connections with the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home.  Small world!  Remember all those dolls the women of NRBC worked so hard to make this year?  They were able to give those and other gifts to the girls.   Here are some pictures from their time there.

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And here is a picture of some “interesting road hazards” as one of the team members put it.



We may or may not have contact with the team until after they have returned to Addis next week.  One of the team members has an international phone but still, WiFi coverage may not be available at the refugee camp.  I am so thankful that the Lord goes with them farther than our eyes can see and our ears can hear.  We can trust that even if we do not hear from them, His Spirit goes with them and He has never taken His eyes off of them.  Praise be to God for using His people all over the world and for doing His mighty works even in the remotest areas.



One response to Africa: A Day in Addis


    I’m praying for you and the boys as you await word from Conor and the team. Trusting God to comfort you in his absence. 🙂

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