Africa: Arriving at Mai Aini

July 5, 2013 — Leave a comment

Great news!  Conor was able to find an internet cafe to send an email update.  Unfortunately, the internet access does not allow to send pictures or video but we will use our best imaginations to picture what he describes!

“Yesterday, we flew out of Addis and into Axum.  We made it on the
flight with 5 minutes to spare and were thankful to get on the plane.
When we arrived in Axum, we met one of the founding pastors of the Mai
Aini church who had been on the flight, as well as Pastor Temesgen,
who is the pastor in Shire, the town between Axum and the camp.  As we
traveled from Axum to Shire, he shared about the excitement the
leadership at the camp feels about us arriving, as well as his church
and their dreams.  We stopped in Shire for food and to get official
permission from ARRA (Administration of Refuge and Returnee Affairs), which was received.  The food we have had on the
trip so far has been unbelievable, and the tea and coffee is amazing,
as expected.  When we got to the camp, we drove past to the town, that
is 7km from the camp, to unload our belongings.  The hotel is rough,
but we knew that coming in!  We then went back to the camp for
services which including Francis preaching and me leading the English
portion of the service.  It is a wild experience to be in a service
where you don’t know the language, knowing their people are in the
same boat when you are up there.

We are at the camp (Mai Aini) today, and had our first day of Bible
School for the church children as well as meeting with the ARRA
officials and some of the leadership of the unaccompanied minors about
their needs.  We have made some great relationship inroads with the
government officials, who are extremely pleased with our group, our
cooperation, and our desire to provide necessities for the children.
We are currently resting a bit, and will go back tonight for services
again from 5-10.  The people of the church have been so hospitable,
and their hearts for the Lord and for the children of the camp are
very apparent.  I cannot wait to share the amazing ways the Lord has
provided, the relationships he has begun, and the opportunities for
future work that is forming.  We will be at Mai Aini again tomorrow,
and then will head over to the other camp on Sunday and Monday.
Please continue to pray that our hearts would remain focused, for our
health (sleep and water), and for relationships to grow.  I looking
forward to sharing more tomorrow!”


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