Africa: Finishing up at Mai Aini

July 7, 2013 — 2 Comments

We have just finished up two days of Bible School and services at the Mai Aini camp!  Things have been going very well, other than a couple of members of our group getting sick.  Kyle and Andrew are doing better, but went to Shire yesterday with Heidi and Rodney to see a doctor and make sure they were alright. 

 We have made great connections with ARRA, who is in charge of the refugee camps, and Rodney is in Shire with our helper, John, looking to purchase some of the needs for the Mai Aini unaccompanied minors.  We met with a council who talked about the various needs and discussed ways we can meet them, as well as received permission to view the underage camp.  
When we return I will post pictures to give you a better idea of the camp, but it is a hard thing to explain.  In each “house” there are 8 children that sleep in 2 beds that about the size of a twin bed.  There are 128 “houses” at this point in the camp.  The children cook, clean, and have rations that provide their basic needs, as well as limited activities to take up their time.  As we walked through the camp, we were swarmed with children asking who we were, how old, and asking for various things (toys, food, money).
We have been so blessed by the hospitality of the church with which we work. They have supplied us with delicious food, abundant love, and unending patience.  We are leaving right now to go to the other camp, and I hope to update you soon!
 Things to pray for:
Please pray for Kyle and Andrew to recover quickly and have adequate rest, nutrition and water.  Pray that the sickness does not pass to other team members.  
Pray for the team’s travel to the other camp and for God to multiply their time with the children and leaders there and make it fruitful. 
God is reminding me this morning that He is a Father to the fatherless.  Pray for these children to know the love of the Father and see evidence of Him through the team. 
Pray for Rodney to continue to make good relations with the ARRA as he seeks ways our church and association can continue being involved.  

2 responses to Africa: Finishing up at Mai Aini


    Praying for you to rise up on eagle’s wings.


    Connor, thank you for taking the time to update everyone back home. Looks and sounds like you’re having an incredible time and a life changing experience! I’m praying for you all! Please tell my mom hi and that I love her. 🙂 love you guys!


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