Africa: To God be the glory, great things He has done!

July 8, 2013 — Leave a comment

This is an update that was on Facebook from Kyle, one of the team members who was sick:

Thank you to everyone for your prayers. I am recovering well from my ameobic dysentery. There were four of us that went back to Shire to get supplies and to see the doctor. I saw the doctor and he said that I had several stomach bugs. We went to the hotel but I was not able to eat. The next morning the local church in Shire helped us find the supplies we needed. We purchased 500 outfits of shirt shoes and shorts for the unaccompanied minors and we purchased new uniforms for the refugee church sponsored soccer teams. They have several needs but it was hard to plan for them until we knew what they were. We found out that the needs are simple but it is sometime difficult to fulfill the needs when the resources are not there. Again, how blessed we are in the USA. Since the supplies filled up the bus and the Shire church did not want the “sick” to travel again I stayed behind in Shire while Rodney returned with the supplies. The other two stayed in Shire too. The church in Shire has given hospitality a new name. They have looked after us as if we were their family. I was able to attend an engagement party last night at the pastors house. The rest of the team from NRBC is staying healthy and are continuing to work in the new refugee camp yesterday and today. I hope to help out a little more here in Shire since I am gaining back strength. Tomorrow the rest of the team will return to Shire and we will fellowship with the Shire church.

And here is an update from Conor:

We have just finished our last day at Adiharush, (a second camp of
about 17,000 refugees) at the evangelical church there.  We spent
Sunday morning and afternoon having two services with them, which were
amazing.  We sang in English and Tigryna (which I butchered, but they
loved it anyway).  Francis preached, several of the team gave
testimonies, and at the end of the day there were 3 salvations, two of
which came from the village and not the camp.  This was significant
because it was the first instance of the villagers from May Tsebri
accepting Christ in their church.

Today, we had two different actions.  Rodney arrived last night with
several hundred pairs of shoes, shirts, and shorts to give to the
unaccompanied minors at Mai Aiyni, and Francis and Rodney presented
them to the refugee council and ARRA, and were able to also present
them to the 4 unaccompanied minors that are representative of all of
the underage children.  ARRA was surprised that we followed through
with meeting the needs, but it was a great stride for the evangelical
church of Mai Aiyni to receive credit for this.  Meanwhile, we also
did two different sessions of Bible School at the Adiharush camp, and
had a blast.  The children’s hearts are so open, the adults are
amazingly welcoming, and many great relationships for future work have
been formed.

Please continue to pray for the health of the team.  We had a couple
more members that were sick today, and hopefully the trip to Shire
will provide some healing for them as well.  We will leave early
tomorrow and spend the day with the church in Shire and Pastor
Tomasgen.  We can’t wait until we are at a place to give you more
pictures and videos!


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