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October 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

How much do you love your city?


What would you do, how much would you sacrifice for the good of your city?

Time.  Family.  Relationships.  Entertainment.

What if how much your city prospered determined how much you prospered?

Think about how much that would change our motivation.

If the family has given control over spiritual development to the church, has the church  given control over social and cultural development over to the community?

What we do about this stuff?  And do I have any answers?

No, I don’t have the answers.

These are the thoughts I have had for several weeks and months as I struggle through reconciling work, home, and ministry in my life.  As you can see, there seem to be a lot more questions than answers.  For me, this is a healthy way to process through and come to grips with my own insecurities, inadequacies, and weakness.  To be a leader, this has to come first.  For me to pawn off my weakness as personality is simply lying.  To fixate on it to the point of depression is ignorance.  But to cohesively learn to walk the line of self-evaluation combined with self-confidence can lead to helping grow from our points of weakness AND strength.

What does this have to do with the myriad of questions I shot out at the beginning?  This.  If our fixations are simply on us, we have missed the boat.  If our idea of raising healthy, spiritually rounded children is to drop them off at Sunday School, we are guilty of laziness in the home (I know I am).  If our idea of helping community is just joining forces with community groups doing good instead of being the creative cultural force other community groups are joining with, we are guilty of taking the easy way out.  If we are worried about our perception more than our reality, we will never. be. effective.

As I have walked through the idea of compassion and how we function and live as the church, it has convicted me of how much work must be done in my own life, let alone in the lives of my children, my church community, and the community as a whole.  So where does that start?

So where are you in this journey?


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