Adventures in Axum

January 28, 2014 — Leave a comment


We weren’t tired at all when we eating breakfast in the Addis airport.

Okay, maybe that was a lie.  We were tired, and we knew we were almost to the end of our flying, but we had one more flight to make.  After getting into Addis at around 2 in the morning, and outside of security just before 4, we made our way to the domestic terminal and had a nice breakfast around 5, and waited for our flights.  We were split up between two flights: Rodney, David, and I were on a direct flight, and Jim and Nicole got the “date” flight…where they touched down to pick up more passengers.  This put us into Axum at around 11, and we were met by Pastor Tomesgen, and John, our young guide who has been with us since the beginning.  We took the minibus to Shire, where we went to the Gebar Shire, which is a hotel that we stay at while we are there…here is a little view from Shire, courtesy of Dave…

We got a little time to rest, and then met with the regional leaders of the camp to get official permission to visit the camp confirmed, which we did…so we are go for launch!

By this point, we were pretty much exhausted, so we had dinner, relaxed, and went to bed.  This is an experience.  Between horns honking, karaoke blasting, and the call to prayer that starts at about 3 or 4, learning to tune out sounds (a helpful skill learned by young parents…) is a must.  But here we are, up and around this morning, preparing to leave for camp.  We look forward to connecting with the people of Mai Aini today, and reporting back with more good news!

P.S.  No truth to the rumor that Jim Brown has been nicknamed “Big Francis” by John…;)


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