Meetings in Mai Aini…the Planning Begins

January 31, 2014 — 1 Comment



What you are looking at may just appear to be a panoramic view of a dusty bypass, a piece of property that looks like deserted land.  If you were with us yesterday at the Mai Aini refugee camp, you would have seen a beautiful piece of deluxe property that has high value in location, the complete blessing of the governing body over the camp, and came with the added bonus of being able to have the freedom to be in the unaccompanied minor refugee portion of the camp.  Not only were the meetings we had over the last two days a success, we were given the go ahead and a new, prime location to place the library within the camp.

When we arrived at the camp on Wednesday, we were informed that our reserved piece of land had been changed because they did not think it was good enough.  Cynics aside, we decided to take this as a sign they cared about the library project and would show us a better piece of land the next day.  Which they did.  Located at the center of camp, the vacant land is close to the educational spaces already provided, and right in the heart of the area of the unaccompanied minors.  Even more amazing was the reception that we received by being welcomed with open arms by the leaders of the camp, and being repeatedly asked to let them know if there was anything they could help with.

And so the planning has begun.  Jim and David, along with local leaders with good construction knowledge, have been working diligently to design the building according to what is able to be done locally.  The partnering ministries have pitched in to help with the engineering and purchasing side of making this project go.  And by the time we are back, the beginning of building the fence to go around the property will be in process.  

I am reminded of how wonderful seeing provision happening truly is when we allow God to work through us, in spite of us, and without us in control.  As we begin this season of building a library for Mai Aini, there will be challenges.  Money must be raised, and the building must be finished before the rainy season.  Logistics for shipping the container with the donated books that still must be sorted must be planned.  But those prayers and needs will be answered, probably in ways that we can’t imagine.  

And that, my friends, it the most beautiful part of it all.



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    Connor — we are praying for you and the work there!

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