When Love Takes You In

June 11, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today, my post is about something different.  It is about celebrating a milestone that I believe in, that I am humbled is possible, and that blesses every part of my life.  Today, my post is about my wife, Elizabeth.



10 years ago today, I married the woman I loved.

I had no idea I had the capacity to love someone as much as I love her now.  And in 10 more years, that will be even more.

We have walked through joy, suffering, celebration, pain.

Together.  Sometime on the same page, sometimes not.  But together.

I have watched her mature into a strong, independent, thoughtful woman.

I have watched her become an extravagantly beautiful, amazing mother and wife.

Every morning, I wake up next to her and thank God for blessing my life with her presence.

Every morning, I wonder what in the world she sees in me, and thank God anyway.

As we have journey through ministry, whether in music or in fostering, she has been a source of joy.

Let’s be honest…she is the only sane person in our household, and she’s incredible.

When I hear the song “When Love Takes You In” (which I know she loves), I think of her

My goal is that as we continue in life, she will think that of me.

So why all this mushy stuff in a post?

Love is a choice.  Marriage is a choice.  Choosing to make your spouse and your family a priority in your life is a choice.  As we have struggled (and sometimes not) through our first 10 years of marriage, we have realized that choosing to make our relationship a priority is easier said than done.  I remember my Dad telling me once that we wouldn’t always be at home, but Mom would, and so she took priority.  God first, then her.  I still remember that, and when I get things out of wack, I harken back to it.  So no matter how many children we love, how many successes we encounter professionally, our goal is to remember to make each other a priority.  To support, cheer, encourage each other, and to correct, challenge, and remind each other to follow hard after Him.  So I write this to say that I love my wife with all my heart, I am beyond blessed to be married to her, and I look forward to the next 10 years, and what the future holds in our lives!


I love you, Elizabeth!


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